Wednesday, August 21, 2013

An Honest Ode (a tribute to my arms)

an honest ode

a right to bare arms
fat fleshy full figured arms
most girls have ample bosom
i have pillows for arms
for holding
for laying
for softness
for carrying
above and beyond
arms to love
only boxing enemies of humanity
reaching for God (within)
Big Mama arms
for correcting
for remedying
for healing
as the carrier of divine hands
luscious wings i possess
offering supple sweetness
in deep duress,
i address in my undress
a right to bare arms
plus size arms
all for a queen's touch

Monday, August 19, 2013


I find solace in solitude and silence. I have plenty of time and space to be alone. I now want to take the time and space to be silent. Purposely and purposefully silent. I want to close my mouth and mind and utter nothing. Not think or feel. Only receive the Divine Spirit and hear the bliss and blessings in my surrounding world. I am of the Great Oneness. To continue feeling of it, I must retreat from my usual participation and let it envelop me in it's fullest presence. Let it consume me the way I've consumed it. I feel I receive most in my quiet. I am most definitely in a place of needing just that. To know the way to go and be brave to go that way. Stillness, silence, solitude. They're calling my name, and it's no whisper.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Rhapsody manifests.

i’ve lived and learned through incessant spaces, places, vibes, situations, happenstances, planes of existence, states of being, walks of life, schools of thought, connections, relations, friendships, kinships and countless other intimacies. never inviting complacency at any juncture on the road. i thoroughly enjoy the unknowing in each growing pain of my journey with rawness. so far, so beautiful. so divine. so sincere. so genuine. so real. so raw. so honest. so true. so open wide. so God. so me.

i invite my fellow poets, thinkers, writers, empaths, scholars, mindscapers, body rockers, truthseekers, peacemakers, soul keepers, life enjoying spirits, and everything else above, below and in between to join me in this walk called Life. 

we are SPIRITS having a HUMAN EXPERIENCE. dive in, spirit, dive in. 


Thursday, July 18, 2013

High as Heaven

I wanted to wake up ranting, fussing, pushing, ready to fight. Inside me, all I feel is sunshine. I feel flowers growing from my mind: lilies, orchids and daisies. An Afrikan Violet shapes my heart. I feel eternity of life circling my soul. I feel my breath reach every corner of me as the elements of Earth. I feel smiles and giggles brim my lips and peek out the corners of my eyes. My toes have music. My hands have sweet yummy affection. I feel I can move limitless. Feel a soar in my arms. Feel a hike in my feet. My heavy weighted body feels light as down feathers, as plush as 100% cotton. I only wanna sing and hip sway. :D Not just today, not only Thursday... all my days. Every day is and will be Pure Bliss. Unadulterated, undying, unyielding pleasure & joy. Selah.

I love you, dearhearts. Truly, I do. <3


Sunday, June 30, 2013

Homeless: The Motel Kids of Orange County

Documentarian: "What is home to you?"
Kid: Home? I don't know that place.

Documentarian: If you had one wish, what would it be?
Kid: To redo my life.

Documentarian: Are you happy?
Kid: What? It's crowded around here.

Firstly, children have feelings. Clear feelings. Aware feelings. They see what is, they see what it means, they have a perspective. They react. They contemplate. They decide. They know.

Films like this keep my integrity, honesty, truth at bay. They keep me realizing and recognizing my privilege. How I get to live. I inhabit a nation, a country and a state where children are made to suffer their parents faults & flaws.  It's deeper than unfair.

The children of this docu are from homeless families who live in the motel because they can't afford rent in Orange County. They have to be surrounded by the joys other children experience, that they don't. If they never will , I am unsure. I hope they do. They are surrounding Disneyland. One of the most magic places for kids, and they get none of it. They know hardship, pain, sorrow, being without, not having. It's more than sad.

One little boy is so angry. He talks to the documentarian, answers questions, but gets easily annoyed by her asking why, what do you think, what do you feel, etc. He's only 6. All he knows is what he hates. Another young lady, Cassidy, only 7, feels she has nothing to look forward to. Nothing to be excited about.  Her, and other kids in these stories, have Project Hope School as an avenue away from the motel for a while. Even that has its loopholes.

Every time I feel I'm having a truly hard time, I am faced with children who have no choices. Who have to live as their parents live, who are barely making it themselves. They lose their childhood and have very grownup worries. Having any semblance of childhood is worth it.  One thing every kid deserves is a childhood.

This is why I love what I do. Working closely, pointedly and pertinently with children from backgrounds in domestic abuse, poverty and homelessness. Children who live with challenges they find insurmountable and want to be free from. With us, they are for a while. They become children again. It's the very least I can do.

Yet I can do more. I am ignited and impassioned to learn what else there is and supply it. Provide it. Protect them. Hold and keep them. So they know, next to their loved ones, someone cares.

Please care.